Yoga has long been on the radar of health gurus, and it’s no surprise why. Though frequently seen as a grueling, body-contorting workout, Yoga is actually much more than that. If you’re yearning to practice yoga in HK, then you must know these four types of this essential skill in Yoga – breathing. These breathing techniques are done in asana, which means, a Yoga pose that is relaxed and steady.


  1. Ocean Breath

This practice of breathing sounds similar to the breaking of waves in the ocean which can help enhance the relaxation response through slow breathing. To do it, you need to focus your attention on inhaling and when you exhale slowly, try to make a ‘HA’ sound. Try it a few times and finally close your mouth as you exhale through your nose.


  1. Alternate Nostril Breathing

By practicing this for a week, studies have shown that it can help to balance out an overactive nervous system. To perform this, gently close your right nostril with your thumb in a clenched fist and breathe in through your left nostril. Now close your left nostril and exhale out slowly with your right nostril. Repeat with the other side, and you would have completed one cycle. Repeat for 3-5 cycles.


  1. Breath Of Fire

This technique of breathing can be used to kickstart an Angsana practice or can be used daily to kickstart a day as it is proven to be extremely energizing for the nervous system. To do it, simply inhale deeply and exhale through short spurts by quickly contracting your lower abs. Do this for 25 – 30 exhalations.


  1. Breathing Awareness

And just before carrying out these three breathing techniques above, it is advisable to do 2 -3 minutes of breathing awareness, which helps to build stress resilience. Try sitting down and concentrate on your breathing. Try to understand why your breathing is fast or slow, and if you focus hard enough, you can eventually slow your breathing down.


By being aware of these four breathing techniques, you will already get a headstart in your journey around the world of Yoga. Even if you’re not practicing yoga, you can still do these simple breathing techniques to enhance your well-being.