Yoga has been quite popular in Hong Kong in recent years, with more and more yoga centers popping up in every neighborhood. However, it can be overwhelming for you if you’ve never done yoga due to its many different yoga moves, complexities, and purposes.

Check out these five basic and easy yoga moves to try if you’re a beginner yogi:

  • Bikram Bikram yoga consists of 26 asanas, which means postures in Sanskrit, and each asana serves a different purpose and benefit. For instance, the ‘garudasana’ (eagle pose) helps to improve the blood flow in your reproductive system, while ‘pranayama’ (deep breathing while standing) helps avoid many respiratory problems.
  • Ashtanga In the all-encompassing Ashtanga yoga, you’ll learn the moral codes of performing yoga, self-study and self-purification, various yoga postures, breath control technique, withdrawing your mind from your senses, deep concentration and meditation, and unifying yourself with a meditation object.
  • Iyengar A form of Hatha yoga, this type of yoga helps you to perfect your asanas by focusing on your body’s structural alignment. Iyengar would be the best choice if you simply want to relieve stress without too much effort of learning various postures or saying mantras. Use of props like sand bags, straps, blocks, benches, or cushions may come into play.
  • Vinyasa – This type of yoga is a dynamic movement of synchronized breathing which incorporates several other elements of yoga. The best cardio workout, it mostly focuses on your balance, flexibility, and strength. Vinyasa can also be fun as it tends to include upbeat music in class, making you feel the rhythm and ‘dance’.
  • Hatha yoga is normally the top choice for beginner yogis, as it is the combination of power yoga, iyengar, vinyasa, and ashtanga. While the yoga can be quite forceful and intense at times, it prepares you to enter a deep state of meditation, covering both the spiritual and physical aspects of performing yoga. If you’ve been thinking about doing yoga for mental and physical fitness, try a Hatha yoga class in Hong Kong near you.

Before you book a class, make a list of nearby yoga centers of your choice and try to attend each of the center’s free introductory class. An intro class offered by a center can be a good indicator if your money will be worth it, based on the quality of the class as well as the center’s facilities.