If the sight of stacked folders and spreadsheets overwhelm you, it’s time to take a vacation away from your work desk. Our five-day workweek can exhaust us all, especially in a fast-paced place such as Hong Kong. There are many ways for workaholics, like you, to fight burnout and we’ll show you how.

  1. Learn a new hobby. Having a hobby on the side allows you to unwind and discover a sense of fulfillment outside of work. In Hong Kong, grown-up hobbies can take in many forms such as sketching, floral arrangements, watercolor painting, baking, and outdoor biking.

  1. Take yoga classes. The art of yoga comes with plenty of benefits and there are many yoga classes in Hong Kong for you to experiment with this popular form of fitness. Apart from keeping your mind off from work, yoga has the ability to increase flexibility, muscle strength, vitality, and cardio health. With many evening classes available in the city, finding a yoga center nearby your office is easy.
  1. Get sufficient sleep. With long working hours and overnight shifts, it can be tough for corporate folks in Hong Kong to get sufficient sleep. However, we have to acknowledge that having a full eight hours of sleep is what you need to recharge your weary self. Aside from its proven health benefits, getting adequate sleep also puts you in a better mood.

  1. Explore the outdoors. Being confined within the four walls of the office can be stressful for most Hong Kong professionals. Try to step out from your office whenever you can or spend your lunch break with your best friend. Instead of the usual indoor meetings, you can also suggest meeting your clients at the park or cozy eatery.
  1. Enjoy a weekend break. It’s fair to say that you have to work as hard as you play. It’s also important that you reward yourself with a well-deserved holiday whenever you can. Go ahead and utilize your annual leaves for a luxurious staycation at a hotel or a family weekend at the local theme park.

Weekday workloads can be mentally and physically exhausting. Every now and then, treat yourself to some exciting activities that unchain you from your work desk. Whether it’s a lavish staycation, a new hobby, or a yoga class, you know that there’s so much to do outside of your job in Hong Kong to ease your weekday burnout.