Having a gym membership alone can be quite boring at times. Not only are you not able to speak to someone while working out, there’s no one to spur you on during those strenuous exercises and no one to laugh with while on the treadmill.

So who should that potential gym buddy be? She might just be in the next room beside you. Yes, it’s your mom! Not only would you keep her healthy, you’re also keeping your waistline in check and most importantly, bond with her. Here are 5 must-do activities when your mom is your gym buddy:


Yoga is getting popular in Hong Kong and other parts of the globe because of the well-known benefits it provides both to mind and body. Thankfully, practicing it is now easier. That’s because a gym membership gives you access to all kinds of activities you can think of. It also helps reduce the hassle of having to book a yoga class in Hong Kong. Yoga is at the top of the list because it’s not too strenuous, it helps strengthen the core muscles and it’s a fun-filled activity.

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Spinning, which also means indoor cycling is a great activity if you’re looking to break a sweat. If your mom’s been sitting around in the office all day, why not schedule a spinning class for her which will finally take her away from that sedentary life.


Zumba has been the latest dancing craze to hit the gyms. By signing up for Zumba classes, you’ll get to strut your best moves with the latest dance hits and burn a calorie count of at least 500 per session. What’s even better is that you get to laugh along with your mom as you do it.

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Step Aerobics is another cardio class that will keep your hearts pumping. The class involves having an elevated platform in front of you as you carry out effective fat burning moves such as lunges, V-steps and split steps. Moves will be choreographed by the instructor so that it becomes less mundane.


Lastly, a kickboxing class is pretty hardcore but getting through it the first time will make both you and your mom stronger physically and mentally. After all, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain, right?

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Having a gym buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be a friend as your mom can be your best companion as well!  And it’s also better knowing that she’s getting stronger as she ages instead of getting weaker. So what are you waiting for? It’s never a better time to sign up for a gym with your mom!