Sufficient consumption of water every day is important for people’s health. In fact, water is the chief component of the human body, covering a whopping 55-78 percent of body mass depending on body size. This means daily consumption of water plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy body.

Some of the top benefits of drinking water regularly include a healthy glowing skin, good digestion, improved acid and alkaline balance, and more. It also has no fat, calories, carbohydrates or sugar, which makes water vital for everyday optimum health.

Below are 6 handy tips for drinking more water every day to maintain and improve health:

  1. Drink some water first thing in the morning. Form a habit of drinking 2-3 cups of water first thing in the morning when you wake up. This will ensure all the vital parts of the body function properly, and your body’s health is at optimum. Make sure the water you drink is neither hot nor cold. People who continually consume hot beverages risk developing throat cancer and digestive issues. People who frequently take lots of cold food and drinks, on the other hand, are likely to cause shock to their system.
  2. Avoid drinking right before a meal. A person can drink in between meals as one sees fit but should wait for at least 1-2 hours before taking anything else. For those with constipation problems, it’s important they drink 1-2 cups of warm water every day before going to bed. Following this routine every day can curb calorie intake and improve digestion.
  3. Choose purified or mineral water over soda. All these zero-calorie drinks ensure that your body enjoys good health. To enrich the taste, add a squeeze of lime juice to make your water a bit tasty. Grapes, strawberries, cucumber, and mint – these make great alternatives for spicing up the flavor of your water. Nevertheless, frequent intake of soda drinks poses a great danger to health due to their harmful chemical substances. Rather, substitute soda with some fresh juice or herbal teas to safeguard your body’s health.
  4. Keep a gallon jug nearby. It’s easy for someone to remember and keep track of their water intake when a source is nearby. Keep a gallon jug on the kitchen counter, at your office desk, and by the bed at home for much convenience and easy remembrance. Also, the more likely your water bottle is marked with ounces, the more likely you will reach the personal water intake goal required every day. You’ll also know the exact number of times you are supposed to refill.
  5. Eat water-rich foods. A great variety of foods can dramatically help people stay hydrated. Some foods known to be high in water content include watermelon (92%), zucchini (95%), cucumber (96%), and grapefruit (91%). Make sure to add some of these foods to your diet to intensify the water level in your body.
  6. And finally, invest in a filter. Many times, filtered water tastes better than the liquid coming from the tap or a water fountain. It’s best to invest in a system that can further enrich and purify taste of water you take from your portable bottle and kitchen sink. Also, people suffering from skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis may find their skin area improving after switching to purified water. Buy a large capacity water filter for personal use and also benefit every member in your home.

It’s crucial you drink an adequate amount of water daily. To acquire the maximum health benefits of water, make sure you drink filtered water at all times. Combine this routine with a healthy diet to yield extraordinary results. More importantly, follow the handy tips shared in this guide to make sipping of more water every day less of a chore.