There are different styles of yoga that could cater to your health goals. This ancient practice not only relaxes your mind and body, it could also help you to build your strength, lose weight, and rev up your sex life!

Check out these different styles on how to practice yoga for fitness that fits your goals:

1. For beginners, try Iyengar. Iyengar is slow paced with step-by-step instructions plus attention to detail, making it less intimidating and suitable for beginners with no experience.

Iyengar yoga

2. For flexibility, try Yin This style has a passive approach when it comes to flexibility, as it allows your body to slowly and steadily get into position without straining the muscles and joints in a forceful way.

3. For healing and recovering, try Restorative This style is perfect if you have emotional issues, physical injuries or illnesses. Restorative yoga supports stretches and emphasises on deep breathing, connecting you with your emotions.

4.For quick weight loss, try Bikram Bikram can help you lose your weight quickly as the style requires you to hold a pose for a long time, which burns off calories. Also, the style helps you to remove excess water weight.

5.For meditation, try Anusara The style combines the movement of Hatha and Iyengar, while prompting you to do soul searching as you work on different poses.

Yoga center around me

6.For revving up sex life, try Kundalini The style unleashes your sexual energy through the movements made on the base of your spine, with an emphasis on breathing. Wear white to avoid chakras blockage during this class.

7.For stress relief, try Hatha The style focuses on meditation, deep breathing, stretching tight muscles, deepening body-mind connection, and balancing the body’s energy.

8.For strength, try Ashtanga The style is a repetition of push-ups in different sides and poses, which will strengthen your core muscles in all parts of your body. If you find the style to rigorous, try the basic Ashtanga.

Ashtanga Yoga Class

9.For spirituality, try Jivamukti The style incorporates a quick-moving practice known as ‘kirtan’. There’s usually a mellow or upbeat music, flowing poses, breathing, and chanting that accompany Jivamukti.

Try to work on your personal goals and decide which yoga style is the best fit to accommodate your goals. Next, find a local gym that suits your personal needs, goals, and budget. If you’re strapped on cash or are too busy to make time, you can also watch pre-recorded yoga classes that are streamed online.