3 Effective Ways To Know Whether A Child Has Blood Sugar Problems


High blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) and low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia), both can become fatal in children with diabetes. The signs and symptoms of these blood sugar problems vary, depending on the child and how rapid the levels drop. As a parent, it’s crucial to know the effects and causes of such symptoms to be vigilant on the right measures to take. Kids, too, should also be aware when and where to find an adult for medical examination purposes in case they experience such symptoms.


Below are 3 effective ways parents can know whether their children are suffering from blood sugar problems.


  1. Frequent Urination

Even though a child who drinks more usually visits the washroom more than others, this can also raise suspicion. If the child takes many short breaks to visit the toilet, it could be a clear sign that he/she has blood sugar issues. Children with blood sugar problems visit the washrooms way too many times. Make sure to check their blood sugar levels, especially if they were previously toilet trained but have begun to wet the bed again.2

  1. Lack of Energy

A child with blood sugar problems usually feels tired and sluggish all the time. This happens because they’re not able to turn sugar in their bloodstream into energy, important for the body’s functions.  When a child frequently complains about feeling tired and sluggish, it’s important to have their blood sugar levels tested to be sure.3

  1. Intense Hunger and Unquenchable Thirst

When a child’s body seems to lack sufficient energy due to low insulin levels, they may likely experience episodes of potential hunger. However, decreased appetite may also be a warning sign for blood sugar problems, so it’s important to have it checked as well.  Sometimes children may frequently whine about feeling thirsty all the time. This happens because of the rise of blood-glucose levels in their body, which makes lots of fluids to be pulled from their body tissues. Check whether if your kid craves sweet and cold drinks more than usual, and have them tested if you become suspicious.

High blood sugar levels and low blood sugar levels are fairly present in people with diabetes. The guardians of children with diabetes should know the signs and symptoms of such diseases in order to treat them when they occur. Also, when both the parent and child know what causes blood sugar problems, they’re more prepared, and this can dramatically reduce their harm and prevent further symptoms. The only way to find out whether a child has blood sugar problems is by testing them. Simply take a glucose reader and measure the amount of glucose or blood sugar levels in their blood sample. If their blood sugar levels are high or low, give them the required treatment to clear the symptoms and prevent your child from getting sick. All the same, go through the blood sugar level signs and symptoms listed above, to know when your child may need medical help.

5 Fitness Activities You Can Do With Your Mom At The Gym

Having a gym membership alone can be quite boring at times. Not only are you not able to speak to someone while working out, there’s no one to spur you on during those strenuous exercises and no one to laugh with while on the treadmill.

So who should that potential gym buddy be? She might just be in the next room beside you. Yes, it’s your mom! Not only would you keep her healthy, you’re also keeping your waistline in check and most importantly, bond with her. Here are 5 must-do activities when your mom is your gym buddy:


  1. YOGA

Yoga is getting popular in Hong Kong and other parts of the globe because of the well-known benefits it provides both to mind and body. Thankfully, practicing it is now easier. That’s because a gym membership gives you access to all kinds of activities you can think of. It also helps reduce the hassle of having to book a yoga class in Hong Kong. Yoga is at the top of the list because it’s not too strenuous, it helps strengthen the core muscles and it’s a fun-filled activity.



Spinning, which also means indoor cycling is a great activity if you’re looking to break a sweat. If your mom’s been sitting around in the office all day, why not schedule a spinning class for her which will finally take her away from that sedentary life.


  1. ZUMBA

Zumba has been the latest dancing craze to hit the gyms. By signing up for Zumba classes, you’ll get to strut your best moves with the latest dance hits and burn a calorie count of at least 500 per session. What’s even better is that you get to laugh along with your mom as you do it.



Step Aerobics is another cardio class that will keep your hearts pumping. The class involves having an elevated platform in front of you as you carry out effective fat burning moves such as lunges, V-steps and split steps. Moves will be choreographed by the instructor so that it becomes less mundane.



Lastly, a kickboxing class is pretty hardcore but getting through it the first time will make both you and your mom stronger physically and mentally. After all, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain, right?

Having a gym buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be a friend as your mom can be your best companion as well!  And it’s also better knowing that she’s getting stronger as she ages instead of getting weaker. So what are you waiting for? It’s never a better time to sign up for a gym with your mom!

A Unique Approach To Fitness, Health And Well-Being

Although many individuals follow some form of fitness regimen in their day-to-day lives, many fail to incorporate a thoughtful approach to their routine. Anyone can go into a gym and run mindlessly on a treadmill, lift weights of varying weight and elevate their heart rate, but few put the necessary brainpower into their routine to reap the true rewards.


Focal Awareness on the Breath
For the select-few individuals that practice yoga or intense meditation, breath awareness will come as no surprise while performing physical tasks. However, many gym enthusiasts adopt the negative habit of holding their breathe during the strenuous portion of a workout. Not only does this reduce the amount of exertion we can give to our workout, it can also cause us to fatigue much quicker than we’ve anticipated prior to performing our exercise of choice.

The next time we find ourselves in our gym center in Hong Kong, we must pay close attention to the rate of breathing and the consistency of breath during our moments of fatigue. This may come in the last repetitions of a push up movement, our the last minutes of a grueling pilates class. The abundance of oxygen will also create a plethora of energy and nutrients to be transported to the targeted muscles of our movements and facilitate cellular growth.


Weigh Yourself Regularly
Although this piece of advice goes against the common belief that we shouldn’t weigh ourselves on a regular basis, science is now showing an opposite trend in individuals trying to lose weight. When we weigh ourselves on a consistent basis we can track a progressive trend in terms of our long term goals and fitness aspirations.

Similarly, the daily incentive to try to beat your last day’s weight will act as a psychological anchor in which to motivate yourself. The weight fluctuations that we experience on a daily basis can transform our weight by upwards of ten pounds over our average total. By plotting these daily weight inputs, we can calculate a weekly average and thus notice a linear progression in our overall fat loss.


Sleep the Pounds Away

Although sleeping for 12 hours a day won’t give you six pack abs, sleep has been shown to improve overall bodily function and immune health. When we receive adequate amounts of sleep during the night our body operates at optimum efficiency and thus creates a healthier internal ecosystem.

Aiming for seven or eight hours of sleep per night has been shown to produce the desired outcome for adults over the age of 18. Moreover, children and young teens going through a growth phase can sleep upwards of ten and eleven hours per night in order to receive appropriate amounts of rest and recovery.

If your exercise routine is thorough and taxing on the body, make sure to incorporate healthy sleep patterns for the best results. Individuals can also consume the supplement Melatonin in order to reach a deep state of rest and recovery.

Understanding Blood Sugar: Benefits, Influences, and a how-to guide in measuring your blood glucose level

People living with diabetes need to regularly check their blood glucose levels. This allows them to respond to the ever-changing, and quite unpredictable needs of their body.


What affects the changes in your blood sugar?

The blood glucose level changes according to how much sugar is being used by the body. For some people, this is regulated by an efficient system in the body. However, for people with diabetes, sugar in the blood is unstable because the insulin that is supposed to store and use the sugar is either produced too little or too much.

The sugar in the blood comes primarily from one’s food intake. The changes in the sugar level are affected by the amount of insulin that utilizes the sugar and the amount of physical exercise done by the person.


Benefits of regular glucose monitoring

Knowing your glucose level allows you to evaluate the effect of several things on your body: the food you eat, the medicine you take, and even the amount of exercise you do daily.

Keeping a record of daily sugar levels is a great help for the patients as well as the healthcare professionals because it can be used as a tool for checking if a health care regimen is  working as it should be.

Diabetic is doing a glucose level finger blood test

How to measure your blood sugar level

One of the easiest and most popular ways of measuring glucose level is by using a glucose monitor, with test strips that analyze the blood from a pricked fingertip. People who do this are recommended to wash their hands before pricking their finger with a sterile needle, to minimize the risk of infection.

An automatic spring-loaded lancet could be used, or you could ask a trusted friend to do this for you, in case you are still not used to doing this by yourself. The end of the test strip is placed on the finger and blood easily enters the test strip. Depending on the glucose monitor used, this only lasts for a few seconds before the machine displays your sugar level.

Living with diabetes is not the easiest thing to do. You constantly have to be aware of the food you eat and how your body responds to it. There are other different ways to measure the glucose level. Some people measure it before every meal and using different parts of the body such as upper arm, forearm, or even the thighs as a source of blood. How about you, how do you monitor your glucose level?

4 Things to Expect in Pilates Classes

Stress, long nights, rush hour traffic, and an over-demanding boss can get a person all riled up and ready to explode. Instead of downing too many bottles of beer or wine, why not do something that will relax you without damaging your body? Going to the gym is one of the most therapeutic, stress-relieving activities you can engage in. The good news is that it is no longer limited to getting on a treadmill and stationary bikes. One can now sign up for Pilates classes.

Pilates is a gentle and relaxing activity that opens up the body and stretches the muscles. It also realigns your spine and promotes proper breathing. A lot of people swear by Pilates classes. It doesn’t hurt that it also tones and tightens your body,  which makes you look trim and slim. There are classes for Pilates in HK and they are available at local gyms and fitness centers. But before you enroll in one, here are four things you should expect:


  1. A Medicine Ball – A medicine ball resembles a large beach ball but the former is much sturdier. It is used in Pilates classes to do stretching and core strengthening exercises. You will sit on top of the ball and balance yourself while doing different movements. Of course, it is natural for beginners to slip and fall at the end. The more you use it, the faster your core becomes stronger. This will enable you to execute different Pilates moves better.barefoot-on-grass
  2. Go Barefoot – When you join a Pilates class, you are required to take off your shoes and socks. This will allow you to move better on the floor or over the mat. It will be a good idea to ensure that you have clean feet before coming to class.pilates_mat-resized-600
  3. You Must Have a Mat – Some fitness gyms provide exercise mats to their members. However, if you’re very particular about using public property, you can bring your own exercise mat to class. You can buy this at any sporting good store or order it online before your classes start. You can use the same mat for yoga, abdominal exercises, or for some stretching before and after workout.image
  4. You Will Feel Sore – Pilates may look like a series of gentle stretching movements, but it is actually a pretty intense workout. It engages the back, abs, and all the rest of your muscle groups. Aside from not being able to execute the moves properly at first, you must also expect to ache and be sore in places you did not think existed. The good news is, the more you repeat the movements, the better you will get. The initial feeling of soreness will be replaced by toned and trim muscles.

Pilates is a discipline that focuses on breathing and relieving tension from the body. It is a total body workout that not only relaxes you, but also makes you feel centered and well-rested. It’s worth trying out, especially with the upcoming holiday season.

5 Benefits of Yoga in Everyday Life

Researchers are starting to see the benefits of yoga, which is why this practice is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. If you are curious about this practice but are still unconvinced whether yoga is good for fitness or not, here are the top five benefits that can help you make up your mind:

  1. want-become-more-flexible-do-yoga-sequenceYoga helps you become more flexible. This is the most obvious benefit, as you can easily see it when you watch yoga practitioners, or yogis, doing their poses and stretches. You will notice yogis touching their toes without bending their knees, or you will see them hugging their legs so tightly that their faces touch their knees. If you try these poses yourself, it would seem impossible. But once you start your classes, you will notice your improvement and become more flexible as you progress.


  1. relax-your-scalp-yogaYoga helps you relax. The city life in Hong Kong can take a toll on you, making you more stressed. Yoga helps relieve this stress because it helps you clear your mind during yoga meditation. Yoga encourages you to tune all your senses into the practice, so that you forget other things that are weighing you down. Furthermore, yoga has the ability to reduce the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, in your body.


  1. posture-deskYoga improves your posture. Do you have back pain and neck strain? These are symptoms of improper posture. If you stay in front of your computer several hours a day, you tend to hunch over, causing strain on your spine. With yoga stretches, you will be able to stretch your body, expanding your spine to its natural form, therefore improving your posture. With proper posture comes less back, shoulder and neck pain. As long as you continue with yoga daily, working all day in front of your computer will no longer cause pain.


  1. 22brody-tmagarticleYoga gives you better bone health. Two ways to strengthen your bones is to increase your calcium intake and to do weight-lifting exercises. With yoga, you no longer need weights for your weight-lifting because your body is enough. There are several yoga poses that require you to lift your body fully, such as headstand and one-leg pose.


  1. 1395255388744Yoga helps improve circulation. For your body to function properly, all of its parts must receive enough oxygen and nutrients which are in the blood. Blockages can cause some parts of your body to have reduced blood flow, which in turn can cause cramps. Yoga helps get rid of these blockages and improve blood flow, allowing you to fully use your whole body with less strain.

Many people who engage in this practice start to appreciate how yoga is good for fitness and overall well-being. It helps not only the body, but also the spirit, therefore making you happier and giving you a better outlook on life.

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Give Pilates A Try


If you want to try a workout routine that’s different from the common exercises you see in most gyms and fitness centers, you might want to consider signing up in a Pilates class. Pilates is a physical fitness system developed based on six principles: breathing, precision, flow, center, control, and concentration. Below is an overview of some of the reasons why Pilates is an excellent way to get a healthier and fitter body:

1) It exercises the whole body. So whether you want to lose weight or develop firmer muscles, Pilates has you covered. It’s worth mentioning here that Pilates instructors or gyms for that matter don’t follow the same routines. They often offer variations of the core exercises or their own interpretations of these routines. Some of the exercises you can expect include standing roll-downs, core planks, thigh stretches, kneeling side kicks, double-leg stretches, scissors, face-down swans, side teasers, and roll-ups.

home-pilates-classes-392-v22) The movements are not too difficult to do. In fact, the exercises are often modified to meet the individual needs of gym goers. One of the things that make Pilates unique is its pacing. Participants are advised to take things slow and easy. That said, if you’re just a beginner, you will be given a routine which you can follow at your own pace. Furthermore, Pilates doesn’t usually make use of equipment. With just a mat, you can practice the core movements of the exercises at home.

Young woman deep in her yoga meditation - Copyspace

3) It improves breathing. Keep in mind that one of the six original principles of Pilates focuses on breathing. Pilates teaches you how to control and manage your breathing. With this new ability, you will have better endurance for more intensive workouts. For example, you will be able to run more miles without losing your breath. Better control over your breathing means you’ll be more efficient in using oxygen without wasting too much of your energy.

You can maximize the benefits you get from Pilates by signing up with a fitness center with certified Pilates instructors. Fortunately, there are several gyms for Pilates in Hong Kong that you can join. Most of these gyms offer classes for beginners where you can learn the basics before you move on for more advanced routines.

5 Fitness Guides To Help Promote Long-term Success



Staying fit isn’t just about being skinny, thin or sexy. Fitness entails being able to stay healthy and fit for long-term. It entails having the ability of the body to ward off chronic diseases related to obesity.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 2.8 million people die annually as a result of being overweight or obese. An estimated half a billion adults across the globe were obese in 2008 alone.


Many individuals feel the pressure of being fit because of social stigma. However, there’s more to fitness than what meets the eye. In fact, fitness is one important facet in maintaining good health. Any type of regular physical activity can improve your fitness and health. It’s important to just keep moving.


Here Are 5 Fitness Guides To Help You Maintain A Fit And Healthy Body

Closeup calendar page with drawing-pins

  1. Work Around Your Schedule


Because you are busy with your life and hectic schedule, it is hard to adhere to an exercise routine or fitness regimen with any consistency. However, if you can work around your schedule, you can definitely do some workout.


The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends about 150 minutes of moderate intensity workout or about 75 minutes rigorous workout per week. You can do this at your most convenient time. There are many establishments offering a flexible schedule for clients. For example, a gym in Hong Kong is open for 24 hours to accommodate clients with hectic schedules and those who go off work late in the evening.

Dynamic Warm Up

  1. Don’t Forget To Warm Up


It is especially important to do warm ups before engaging in physical activities. Warm-ups help prevent injury. It is dubbed as a low-level activity that should be completed before more rigorous workouts. It gently prepares the body by increasing the heart rate and boosting circulation. This will increase blood flow to the muscles and loosen the joints.

exercise (1)

  1. Regular Exercise


Exercising regularly is important to make sure the body is healthy. It reduces the risk for various diseases like cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. Apart from these, it reduces the risk of being obese and overweight. Thus, making sure you are physically active on a regular basis is pivotal in achieving a healthy and fit body.


  1. Make It Fun


Making the workout fun will make you regard exercise as a happy and exciting experience rather than a punishment. You can do this by blasting motivational tunes and going to the gym in Hong Kong with friends. Regardless of which ice breaker you choose, the important thing is, it makes you excited to workout daily.


  1. Look For A Workout Buddy

Working out alone may be lonely sometimes. Aside from that, it makes you lazy to continue with working out. However, if you have someone who will join you throughout your exercise routine, you will feel motivated and energized. Hence, look for someone who also wants to become physically fit too, like your partner, best friend or workmate.


Working out can be fun and at the same time, beneficial to the body. Having a healthy body is important nowadays especially that the world is bombarded with the emergence of the digital world. This is where people spend most of their time in front of computers or gadgets. People lack physical activity that increases the risk of many chronic and potentially fatal diseases. Exercise regularly to achieve not only a fit body but a healthy mind and soul too.

11 Worst Gym Habits Even YOU Are Guilty Of



Bodybuilding may not be as complex as rocket science or neurosurgery but it also takes extreme patience, hard work and discipline. If you have decided to hit the gym in Hong Kong, the best way to do it is to know the proper rules and etiquettes to avoid annoying your potential gym mates.


How Should I Behave Inside the Gym?


Just like the society in whole, gyms have their own set of rules and regulations. Here are some of the worst gym habits that we should avoid:


  1. Not wearing proper gym clothes. Don’t come to the gym wearing your office clothes, nor should you wear clothes that would make your gym mates uncomfortable.
  2. Not thinking about safety first. Your safety should always come first whenever you are going to a gym in Hong Kong. Don’t drop heavy equipment because you may hurt yourself or your instructor. If you can’t lift it, ask for assistance to adjust the weight.
  3. Talking too loud. If you are going to run, use your legs and not your mouth. Running on the treadmill produces more sweat compared to running your mouth. Besides, who likes a chatterbox?
  4. Leaving gym equipment behind. If you are going to use gym equipment, make sure that you put it back where it belongs. Misplaced gym equipment can lead to accidents.
  5. Sweating all over the floor. Before leaving, make sure that you don’t have a puddle of sweat. Use a rug to wipe it out.
  6. Not thinking about other people’s space. Other people need to use the gym as well so mind your space whenever you are breaking a sweat. Not doing so can sometimes lead to accidents, too.
  7. Greed. Use one gym equipment at a time. Don’t take it unless you are going to use it immediately. Taking gym equipment without actually using it can upset other people.
  8. Bringing unnecessary stuff. Don’t bring your designer bag, your limited edition Nike shoes, your Apple Watch and your other cool belongings inside the gym. There is a designated locker for you and that is where your things belong while you are inside the gym facility. Bring only what you need for your workout.
  9. Long showers. Avoid staying in the shower for too long. Remember, there is a queue of sweaty gym members waiting for you to finish. If you want a long and relaxing bath, do it in your own place!
  10. Arriving late. Respect your gym instructor’s time. Time is gold and if you are going to waste it, do not involve other people. Don’t come late even if other people are.
  11. Quitting because you feel lazy. This is probably the worst gym habit to pick up. Some people start going to the gym and working out, but after a month or two, they disappear! All your hard work will go down the drain if you just suddenly quit. If working out is hard for you, start slowly but surely. Don’t go all in only to give up in the middle of your program.

Athletic young brunette social networking and texting during a class at the gym; Shutterstock ID 167065379; PO: license(14259)

Your training program will evolve as you progress. It will become tougher. This is why you should remember your reason for going to the gym so that you will feel inspired whenever you work out. The healthier and sexier you is right around the corner!

Going the Extra Mile at the Gym: Fitness Tips

Mile End Leisure Centre Fitness Suite 1

Getting in shape and staying fit takes lifelong dedication, but with the right attitude and strategic planning, achieving the results you want is a piece of cake.

First and foremost, find a form of exercise you truly enjoy. If you like running, then you should do the following to maximize each and every workout. For example:


  • Use the first five minutes of your run to warm up your muscles.


  • Learn the proper breathing techniques needed so you don’t become winded.


  • Use music to help you stay focused when setting your pace.


  • Alternate the incline to burn more calories. If you’re outdoors, focus on the top of the hill instead of your feet. This open your airways so you can breathe easier.



If you are hitting the gym in Hong Kong, there are many different types of cardio you can do to get in shape. To get the most out of you daily workout, take a look at the tips below:


  • Push yourself to do five extra minutes. You will burn approximately 50 extra calories each time your exercise.


  • If you love using the elliptical, take things up a notch and increase the resistance settings. Aim for 140 to 160 strides per minute to burn even more calories.


  • Interval training is only for runners. Whether you’re using walking on a treadmill or swimming in the pool, these short bursts of intense exercise helps to burn more belly fat.


Strength Training
If you want sleek and sculpted muscles, you have to lift weights. That doesn’t mean you need to lift 200 pounds, but you do need to focus on enough weight and repetitions in order to see results. Proper form should be your focus when strength training. Improper form can lead to painful injuries. In addition, don’t stick to only barbells. There are many different ways to lift weights such as kettle balls, resistance bands and stability balls, all of which you can use to define your muscles.

Yoga at the MJCC

Don’t underestimate the power of yoga. Although it’s not an intense form of exercise, it still burns calories and also helps to lengthen your muscles. Proper stretching and mindfulness will help to relax you, and it’s a nice change of pace from your hardcore workouts.

ban1Gym Basics
To avoid getting sick while at the gym in Hong Kong, always wipe down any equipment before using it. When deciding on which type of class sign up for, why not try a few out to see which you like more? Although you love the way spinning class looks from the outside, you wouldn’t want to pay for a class that is too difficult.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that regardless of which type of exercise regimen you choose, you need to have fun while doing it.Being healthy and getting in shape doesn’t need to feel like work.