Being part of the great yachting communities of Asia is thrilling. And you may be wondering about the cheapest marinas for your yacht in Hong Kong. So here we share valuable information about the most inexpensive marinas within the region of Hong Kong to help you be informed and to enable you to save some bucks.







  1. The Royal Hong Kong Marina


The Royal Hong Kong Marina is known to offer better prices to members of the yacht club than to nonmembers. This means that being a member of the Hong Kong Marina will save you money. Note that not all pricing is the same. It depends on the size of your yacht as well. Also, to be able to dock at the Royal Hong Kong Marina, you will need an international marine license, which is offered directly by the Royal Hong Kong Marina. But know that the marina is very choosy about to whom they give such licenses and that not all seekers of this license will qualify or be granted the permit. This is because spaces are often very limited at this busy, bustling marina. Please also take into consideration the fact that there is an exceptionally long waiting list in regards to spaces available to dock yachts. Pricing starts at just under $1,600 per month.







  1. The Hebe Haven Yacht Club


This club is very accommodating to various sizes of yachts. If your yacht is between 20 to 28 meters in length, then it is quite relatively a simple process to obtain a nice and acceptable quality space at this marina in comparison to the Royal Hong Kong Marina. Here at this marina, there are yacht races and even sailing lessons. Monthly rates begin at $1,100.



Now that you have been presented with some good options about affordable marinas for your grand and pleasurable yacht in Hong Kong, you will have a peace of mind knowing there are some options for berthing when you are not out sailing. Surely you will enjoy lots of wonderful sunrises and sunsets in Hong Kong, along with many wonderful sailing experiences.