One of the lifestyle diseases that are often unheeded is diabetes. According to the Director of Health Dr. Constance Chan, one in 10 people in Hong Kong has diabetes. The threat of this lifestyle-related disease is growing every day that if not contained, it will be dangerous for the general populace.

To differentiate, Type 1 diabetes is not lifestyle-related because it usually starts in childhood. On the other hand, Type 2 affects adults who are overweight, obese and are physically inactive. Your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes depend on a blend of risk factors. Although you can’t reverse it if it runs in the family or your genes, you can overcome the lifestyle risk factors.

Once you’ve developed diabetes, it becomes a health problem. Monitoring your blood sugar level becomes a natural part of your daily routine. If you can’t do that, the greater is the risk of having heart and kidney problems.

Flash Glucose Monitoring System

What was tough with the self-monitoring method before is that it entailed finger pricking. Thanks to the flash glucose monitoring system (FGMS), diabetic patients can now do away with the painful way. FGMS is basically non-invasive and technologically advanced to measure glucose or the blood-sugar level. Besides being accurate as the traditional method, it frees you of the pain of finger pricking.

The Benefits of FGMS

The flash glucose monitoring system uses sensor technology that will save the day for you and ease the burden of routine checking.

  • The system has two main parts. You attach a small white disc at the back of the upper arm. This disc holds the sensor which is worn under the skin.
  • The other part is the reader which you use to scan the sensor.
  • When you scan, your current glucose reading will show on the monitor of the reading device.
  • One scan activity will cover readings for the last 8 hours, so you are informed of your glucose level, and the tell you the pattern or direction it is headed.
  • You can perform the testing anywhere or anytime you need to check your blood-sugar level. Each sensor pad can last 14 days of continuous use.

If you are to prevent or delay diabetes, it is important that you make a drastic lifestyle change. Just because the flash glucose monitoring system is available, it doesn’t mean you can do as you please with your lifestyle. It’s still better to live a healthy lifestyle than having diabetes.