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If you are thinking about jumping on the yoga bandwagon, but aren’t sure where to start, the idea of even setting foot inside a yoga studio may make you feel nervous as opposed to relaxed. But with a little planning and insider know-how, it’s possible to make it through your first yoga class like a pro.

Rule Number One

Instructors are always happy to see new faces in their classes. To get the ball rolling, introduce yourself to your new instructor and tell them about any concerns you may have as a newbie to yoga. Afterwards, try to relax, go with the flow and enjoy your first class.

One thing to keep in mind is that to feel comfortable in class, you need to blend in and follow along with your instructor and other classmates. Take a look below for a few tried and true tips to help you master the world of yoga.

Keep it Simple

Now that you’ve decided to try yoga, keep the good vibes going and don’t run out and spend tons of cash on expensive workout gear. One to two simple outfits are sufficient. Buy pieces that are comfortable and permit you to move freely. But remember, don’t buy them too baggy or they will interfere with your down dog position. Form-fitting pieces also allow your instructor to see you perfect your form and alignment.

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Making a Choice

Although you have the desire, you might not have the basics down to jump into an advanced yoga class. Sure, yoga looks easy, but it takes time to build up to the level of a true yogi. Choose classes that are beginner specific so you can learn the ropes without causing injury. Most yoga fitness studios offer a wide array of classes during the week-maybe even possibly different types of yoga. Reach out to an instructor so you can make the right choice.

Be a Detective

Be resourceful and take a look online. There are many different types of yoga to choose from, so take the time to research them and then go with what you think it most interesting.

Everyone’s needs and fitness levels are different, don’t feel embarrassed if you can’t keep up at first. AS with any form of exercise, it takes time to build up your endurance and perfect your moves. Take things slow and let the good vibes come your way.


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