Understanding Blood Sugar: Benefits, Influences, and a how-to guide in measuring your blood glucose level

People living with diabetes need to regularly check their blood glucose levels. This allows them to respond to the ever-changing, and quite unpredictable needs of their body.


What affects the changes in your blood sugar?

The blood glucose level changes according to how much sugar is being used by the body. For some people, this is regulated by an efficient system in the body. However, for people with diabetes, sugar in the blood is unstable because the insulin that is supposed to store and use the sugar is either produced too little or too much.

The sugar in the blood comes primarily from one’s food intake. The changes in the sugar level are affected by the amount of insulin that utilizes the sugar and the amount of physical exercise done by the person.


Benefits of regular glucose monitoring

Knowing your glucose level allows you to evaluate the effect of several things on your body: the food you eat, the medicine you take, and even the amount of exercise you do daily.

Keeping a record of daily sugar levels is a great help for the patients as well as the healthcare professionals because it can be used as a tool for checking if a health care regimen isĀ  working as it should be.

Diabetic is doing a glucose level finger blood test

How to measure your blood sugar level

One of the easiest and most popular ways of measuring glucose level is by using a glucose monitor, with test strips that analyze the blood from a pricked fingertip. People who do this are recommended to wash their hands before pricking their finger with a sterile needle, to minimize the risk of infection.

An automatic spring-loaded lancet could be used, or you could ask a trusted friend to do this for you, in case you are still not used to doing this by yourself. The end of the test strip is placed on the finger and blood easily enters the test strip. Depending on the glucose monitor used, this only lasts for a few seconds before the machine displays your sugar level.

Living with diabetes is not the easiest thing to do. You constantly have to be aware of the food you eat and how your body responds to it. There are other different ways to measure the glucose level. Some people measure it before every meal and using different parts of the body such as upper arm, forearm, or even the thighs as a source of blood. How about you, how do you monitor your glucose level?