Yoga classes

Everyone is in desperate moves to have a fit and fab body that can be flaunted without any hesitations. Some are into hardcore sports to maintain or gain, to say the least, a good body physique. Others are enrolling in the gym or fitness center and even hire a personal trainer and dietitians to attain and achieve their goal of a perfect body figure.

But what if you’re too busy with your work and don’t have enough time to go to the fitness center? Don’t you know that spending more hours in your office work and sitting in a reclining chair for whole day is the main cause of gaining weights and possibly can lead you to obesity. And once you gain weight, it’s a bit hard to get back in shape. They will require you more work outs and intense training. But do not fret anymore because you can still get back into shape slowly but surely. How?

Forget about hardcore and intense work outs, cardio and spinning because yoga is now the latest trend for fitness and losing weights, specially for those plus-sized individuals. But there are some points to consider for those plus-sized individuals prior to starting the Yoga session. Yoga is a system of exercises for physical and mental health. It also focuses on setting your mindset on a quiet and calm mood. It focuses more on stretching specially on a stagnant body parts.

Here are some tips for all the plus-sized people who will join Yoga for fitness, specially the first timers.

1. Start at Home

This is the best place for you to start specially if you are a first timer. Just go to your room, sit or lie down on the floor, put some serene music on and start stretching. Starting at home can also save you some money because it doesn’t require to buy accessories like yoga mat.

Home Yoga Practice

2. Take it slow and listen to your body.

It is essential to listen to your body so you will determine your strength and weaknesses. Do not force your body to stretch if you feel your body is not yet ready to do some intense work. Just start with the very basic and get use to it. Always remember that it is still the best to practice “slowly but surely.

3. Find a Yoga buddy.

There is a saying that two is better than one. It is also apply at least in yoga. It is more fun to have a yoga buddy for you to monitor each’s movement. Having a yoga buddy can also boast your motivation to go beyond limits specially if your buddy is advance in body flexing. Motivation should always be your goal.

4. Do not be discouraged.

Many times you will experience disappointment when you attend yoga session. You will see different types of yoga goers that already used to attend for a long period of time and they will start to tease you. Believe me, I already experience once when someone told me that I don’t belong to them if I cannot do the basic stretching. But don’t mind them. Just stay focus and don’t lose hope.

5.Track your progress.

If you already get used to stretching and body flexing, don’t stay where you are. It’s time for you to upgrade some actions. Track your records and monitor your progress. If you think that are still areas for improvement, focus on it and eventually, you will go for the kill.

So there. Hope that you get inspired with these some tips. Enjoy and have a fun yoga day!